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I went to the Gollancz Festival at Waterstones this evening. It was a celebration of all things sci-fi and fantasy. Gollancz got a dozen or so of their authors together to do various readings and Q & As and the result was a one day festival with digital events during the day and a live event in the evening.

The evening was split into two rooms. The one I was in had a reading by Joanne Harris, author of The Gospel of Loki and an interview with Joe Hill. Then there was a presentation of four debut authors for Gollancz who were all being published this year. They all seemed friendly and very excited to become published authors. I particularly want to read The Boy with the Porcelain Blade by Den Patrick.

Next, Patrick Rothfuss gave a talk, which was basically what I was there for! The Name of the Wind is one of my favourite books so I jumped at the chance to go and see him talk. He was very funny and asked for unusual questions rather than the usual ‘what’s your inspiration?’ Q & A fare. The results were good. He is very opinionated about writing which makes for a much more interesting talk than an author who sits on the fence giving bland answers. He didn’t tell us anything about The Kingkiller Chronicle Book 3 unfortunately!

It was a really engaging event, nice to have some variation in authors and format. Great collaboration between Gollancz and Waterstones, long may it continue, I’ll look forward to next year’s!

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Patrick Rothfuss

My friend let me know about this really detailed (spoiler free) article about the author of the Kingkiller Chronicle, Patrick Rothfuss. It tells you all about how he came to write the series and how he likes to write.

He really does sound like a cool guy! I’m hoping he’ll come and do a book event in the UK soon! Maybe when book 3 comes out…

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Review: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

The Name of the Wind tells the life story of Kvothe and he certainly is a man with a tale worth telling. We follow his journey through growing up in a traveling troupe, living on the streets and studying at the University. This is a story on a grand scale as we meet Kvothe when he is older and recounting his many adventures to his companions.

Rothfuss has written a book about, amongst other things, the nature of storytelling as Kvothe is a skilled storyteller himself and wants to be sure that he gets to narrate his own tale in order that people get a true version of events as his reputation is not a good one. The structure of the book is perfect for this story as the tale of Kvothe’s life is interspersed with interludes back in the present day with an older Kvothe. The way that Rothfuss weaves his tale is one that has you hooked without you even realising it. It is such easy prose to read but at the same time it is rich and descriptive without being excessive. It’s not an action packed novel but that’s not the point of it and you wouldn’t want it to be.There is a perfect balance to his writing between description and action that you can’t help but marvel at. Can you tell yet that I loved this book?

It is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. You will find yourself rooting for Kvothe completely. There is a scene where he plays a song for an audience which might not sound particularly dramatic but the description of the audience was so spot on that I was moved and I obviously couldn’t even hear the song he was supposed to be singing. That’s just the way Rothfuss writes it.

This book is quite long and the thing that always concerns me with long books is whether it will be worth my while because I’m not a particularly fast reader. This book is well worth your time. I will be buying and reading the sequel as soon as I can.

Rating - ***** 5 stars.

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