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Henry V at The Globe, London

Last night I saw the RSC’s production of Henry V at the Globe and it was really well done. It was the first thing I’d seen at the Globe and having recently done a tour of the theatre, it’s definitely not the same as actually seeing a play brought to life there.

You might have seen my review about 6 weeks ago of the company Propeller’s performance of Henry V. (From knowing nothing about Henry V, I have now somehow seen it twice in two months!) The RSC’s version was very different. Where Propeller’s production was dark, violent and modern, the RSC’s latest version is very traditional and I would guess it is about as close as you could get to what it would have been like for a Shakespearean audience. The performance was very family-friendly, despite a few crude jokes (hey, it’s Shakespeare, where would we be without a few crude jokes?) and really funny. Jamie Parker who played Henry V was really impressive and equally talented at playing a heroic King and a humble suitor to Katherine. Me and my friend also noted he was rather easy on the eye, but ahem, back to the theatrical evaluation…

I loved the immersive nature that the Globe was able to provide with cast members standing amongst the audience and really interacting with everyone in the ‘wooden O.’ This is a great opportunity for audiences to be introduced to a Shakespeare play as, like I have said before, it is very traditional. This isn’t a criticism, having just done a module at university on the weird and wonderful Shakespearean adaptations out there, traditional makes a nice change!

A great night of theatre at a unique venue.

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Henry V

for when lenity and cruelty play for a kingdom, the gentler gamester is the soonest winner.

Last night I went to see Shakespeare’s Henry V performed by Propeller, an all-male Shakespeare company. The performance was so entertaining. It really was a spectacle as Propeller seem keen to work as much movement and excitement into the play as possible. The theatricality of the violence was well done as they weren’t trying to make it look ‘real’ but what they did do worked really well. My friend who I went with does backstage/technical for many many plays and seemed impressed. The actors themselves were brilliant and brought out the emotion of the play and really made you think about what it means to be a king and to have such responsibility on your shoulders.

I’m always worried when I see a Shakespeare play I haven’t read as it feels like I’m testing myself. ‘You say you like Shakespeare? See if you can work out what the hell is going on when you don’t have the words in front of you and a lecturer to explain the plot.’ I hadn’t read Henry V and didn’t have any inkling of the plot as my historical knowledge is severely lacking. I think I just about understood it and it made me really want to go and read the play which is a very good (extra-keen English geek) sign.

Henry V is nearing the end of a UK tour, it will still be coming to Coventry, Norwich, Plymouth and London. Highly recommended.


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