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Writing Britain at the British Library

Today I went to the Writing Britain exhibition at the British Library. The exhibition includes original manuscripts, first editions, paintings and photos from a variety of British artists detailing the way in which British writers represent Britain.

Favourite item - the Harry Potter manuscript, of course! For any fan it is a really cool item to see as JK Rowling’s handwriting is pretty clear and you can actually read it, unlike a lot of other manuscripts. The section is from the Philosopher’s Stone where Harry first arrives at King’s Cross station.

Honest opinion of the exhibit? Not that exciting, I’m sorry! There’s a lot on display and I can’t speak for everyone but I only really enjoyed seeing the things that I’d read and could relate to. For example it was interesting to see a first edition of Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited. However apart from that, not much else grabbed my attention.

However, I would’ve paid the entry fee just to see the Harry Potter manuscript so I’m happy!

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