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Review: Legend by Marie Lu

In a dystopian vision of a future America June’s brother is killed by Day, a renowned criminal, and she vows to have her revenge. When I started reading I was sure I knew exactly how this book would go: June would fall in love with Day, adventures would ensue, book would end with cliffhanger of June finding out Day was her brother’s murderer. It feels great to be proved wrong as the plot was much more complex than I expected. Right up until 20 pages before the end of the novel, the plot twists kept on coming.

The book is written in short chapters alternating between Day and June’s perspective allowing you to sympathise with both characters. For once this technique didn’t leave me preferring one over the other as I found myself wanting to hear from both of them. The writing style is tense and to the point with no excessive description but I still felt I could build up a decent picture of their world. The plot moves along quickly and doesn’t allow you to become bored or complacent.

There was the odd bit of dialogue which didn’t feel completely appropriate for 15 year olds (‘His teeth were beautiful’ - I did laugh out loud at this which I’m going to assume wasn’t the author’s intention). However, this is such a minor thing compared to the overall book that I can’t hold it against Marie Lu. Overall I love the fact that there was romance in the novel but this was definitely the sub plot. The two protagonists aren’t suddenly and miraculously in love, they’re just attracted to one another. Even by the end of the novel they still don’t know each other very well, it’s just set up to be developed nicely in a sequel.

I was really hopeful for this book and I’m so glad it didn’t let me down. (*coughcough* Matched…) It reminds me of something like The Maze Runner by James Dashner and I feel these two books are on an equal footing. I’m looking forward to the sequel, although I’ve just discovered it isn’t out until January 2013. *sob*

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